Social Studies Priority Standards

Social Studies Priority Standards

6th Grade Geography:


6-7B1: Use maps, graphs, statistical data, timelines, charts and diagrams to interpret, draw conclusions and make predictions.

7-5C2: Explain human characteristics, such as peoples’ education, language diversity, economies, religions, settlement patterns, ethnic background and political system.

6-7B1: Knowledge of the use of tools of social science inquiry (such as surveys, statistics, maps, an

6-7.A: Select, investigate, and present a topic using primary and secondary resources, such as oral interviews, artifacts, journals, documents, photos and letters.

7-5A1: Use geographic research sources to process and report information to solve problems.

7th grade Ancient Civilizations:

6-5C2: What are the six (6) characteristics of a civilization and what defines a civilization?

6-5E: How did job specialization change society and lead to the development and invention of technology?

6-3BAB: How can religions influence society to develop and change?

6-5C2: Why did people invent governments and what was their purpose in ancient times?

6-5A1: Why did people migrate to and settle on rivers?

WHST.6-8.1: What defines the characteristics of a good leader?

8th Grade  Pre-AP and U.S. History:

8-3aC: What was the motivation/reasons for European exploration into new areas.

8-5Cb: What factors contributed colony diversity and how did the religion, culture, production, and economies of the colonies differ?

8-3aD: What were the factors leading to the Revolutionary War and the establishment of the U.S.?  

8-2Cd: How do the three branches of government work together and/or independently from each other?  

Westward Expansion and settlement in the US

Analyze cultural interactions among these groups: Native Americans, Immigrants from Europe, Africans brought to America.  

8-6.I : Analyze how ideas, concepts, and traditions have changed over time (e.g., women’s role in society)

8-3a.I: Interpret political, economic and social causes and consequences of the Civil War and Reconstruction

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