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 Dear Parents and Patrons,

Welcome to Saeger Middle School’s website.  I hope you find it to be resourceful.  Our mission at Saeger is “All for Learning and Learning for All”.  To further our efforts in our mission, SMS uses the Professional Learning Community (PLC) model as well as School-wide Positive Behavior Support (SW-PBS) process.  Both of these models keep learning at the heart of their philosophy.  The use of data-driven decision-making and using pyramids of interventions to support students and the school in achieving results.   

Key to our school improvement plans are our efforts on literacy in all content areas.  This is especially being addressed through the implementation of a school-wide vocabulary instructional process.  We are also working at making intentional connections to mathematics in all content areas to increase our students’ numeracy.  In addition, through our Home Base time we are making connections with students and helping them set and monitor personal goals in attendance, behavior, and academics.  You can learn more about PLCs, SW-PBS, and school improvement efforts here on our website.

Also on our website you can-
Easily contact staff members
Review homework assignments
Receive parenting tips and explore a parenting library
Follow our school improvement efforts
Report concerns through our E-Care and Concern Box

Again, welcome to Saeger’s website.  If I or a member of the administrative team can be of assistance to you, feel free to email us or call.

Dr. Brian Schick


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